The art centre Konsthall C is a public work of art; a project of urban renewal; and an art institution situated in Hökarängen in Stockholm. Konsthall C works for a democratic society based on values of diversity, equality and solidarity both in its organisation and in the content of its programmes. Since it began in 2004 it has consistently produced high quality, significant exhibitions and events both locally and internationally. Konsthall C is a non-profit organisation, structured in the form of an association. 

Konsthall C is situated in a former community laundry on Cigarrvägen 14-16 and is one of several cultural spaces in the building that was constructed as the central community house for the residents in the“Tobaksområdet”(an area in Hökarängen) in 1949. The Konsthall consists of 3 rooms for temporary exhibitions as well as one room dedicated as the permanent home for the local community (Hökarängen’s) archive. The work in the Konsthall is developed in cooperation with national and international artists and institutions.

Investigation and discussion are essential in the work and programmes of the Konsthall, with a focus on issues of social structures, community, democracy and utopian thought. Many projects are developed over a long period of time and in collaboration and partnership with other institutions, groups and local individuals. Konsthall C’s approach to its programme, structure and space make it a unique actor on the Swedish art scene and internationally. It is because of this that Konsthall C is able to develop as a meeting place and a workplace for a diverse variety of participants, contributors, artists, and researchers. Konsthall C engages both specific groups and a wide general public, often reaching outside the field of art, working across disciplines and geographies. 

The objectives of Konsthall C:

•To be a leading actor in socially engaged practices, centred around supporting new curatorial and artistic experiments and thinking. 

•To be a strong voice in discussions of justice, democracy and urban development.

•To be a visible actor in Hökarängen, by connecting its activities to Hökarängen’s local history, local associations and local development. 

•To ensure the activities of the Konsthall are of concern for those living and working in Hökarängen, for residents in and around Stockholm, and for a national and international art audience.

•To develop and strengthen its established networks and actively create new networks, partnerships and collaborations. 

•To produce programmes that have relevance to and engage a diverse audience.

•To work for sustainable economic conditions for itself, and for the sustainable operation of cultural institutions in Sweden and beyond.

/The board of Konsthall C 2015-08-31