Thursday, March 18, 6 PM - 8 PM, online via Zoom (in Swedish).

Based on transfeminine experiences, Ruby Nilsson and Andria Forshage holds a panel discussion on autofiction as a literary grip and necessity. The conversation will focus on theoretical as well as practical inputs and approaches for how one can understand autofiction as a form, as well as how it can be used to reconsider and translate one's own experiences through writing.

Ruby is Konsthall C's current resident in the Research Station. She is an artist and a playwright and is currently studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She is also part of the artistic collaboration Sticky Drama which is based in Stockholm. Ruby is currently working on her first novel, The End of Catgirl, an autofictional coming-of-age novel that she will complete during her writing residency.

Andrea is a theorist and poet. She/they have lectured on trans, aesthetics and queer death at several research conferences and is part of the editorial staff of the journal Paletten. Recently initiator, together with the artist Vincent Duraud, for the exhibition last sunset for today in Stockholm.

The talk is arranged through a collaboration between Unga Kontoret, Tegelscenen and Konsthall C, and is broadcasted live from Tegelscenen in Hökarängen. At Tegelscenen you can take part in performing arts, music, dance, courses and events of various kinds. Their activities are aimed at all ages and are run by the artists and actors who are active in the house. Here you'll find concerts, dance classes, performances, lectures, events, guest performances and smaller festivals.

Time: Thursday, March 18, 6 PM - 8 PM
Location: Online via Zoom (SWE)