Ruby Nilsson spends her writing residency at The Research Station completing her autofictional debut novel The End of Catgirl.

Friday - Saturday April 16 and 17 her work will be made public for the first time, when she exhibits the video work Preliminary Materials For a Catgirl. Based on Ruby's upcoming novel, the work Preliminary Materials For a Catgirl takes the anomalous shape of an unfinished prologue read out loud mixed with a collection of images. As Ruby herself puts it: “At its best a video essay, at its worst a desperate cry for help.”.

catgirl (kat ɡəːl) a catgirl have a similar role to that of the Playboy bunny, serving as a fetishization of youthful female innocence.

Quote from The End Of Catgirl:

"I crawled up in a fetal position in his dad’s bedroom where we just fucked. I was still wearing my clothes at the ends of my limbs, like a new toy that had undergone a sloppy unboxing – my panties stuck on my left ankle, my top twisted around my wrists like loose and soft handcuffs. The bed sheets had been brought together like a little bird’s nest, surrounding my tainted body with draped off-white cotton, organic probably. From outside it must have looked like a bad reenactment of a Greek statue, like the Winged Victory of Samothrace: Nike, the goddess of victory with no arms and no head and her wings spread out in one of the breathtaking halls in Louvre. Neither her limbs nor head have been found, they have been lost for hundreds of years and no one has really bothered to reconstruct them, yet the work is famous for its rendering of a pose where ‘violent motion and sudden stillness meet.’ Maybe it’s just me, but there is something off about a winged female with only her legs left being noted as ‘one of the most beautiful sculptures in the world’." 

Time: Friday and Saturday 16-17 April, 12 - 5 PM
Location: Konsthall C