What happens when something is lost, erased or forgotten? Time absorbs, decay and dissolve things in our memory, but an image does not leave us, it remains, even if merely as a reverberation.

The works consists of two parts, a lost slide film and a lost interview for Swedish Radio both taken and made when I was a child living at boarding school in Kathmandu, Nepal. All that remain is a few small thumbnail images of the original 36 slides and an erased cassette. Attempting to repair and engage with these traces of events that perhaps do not concord with my perception of memory and reality, I try to bring back, restore and create a new interpretation.

Some places affect us more than they should, but the past can only harm us if we allow it to do so. The traces contain objects of a life, a person or a place and both affirms and erases the memories of events past. It is an exploration of grief, loss and memory. More than thirty years have gone by and questions about why things are there, and my position within structures of a greater story still follow me, and the memories of those places from my childhood true or false, reverberate. Like backing into a room where the different parts, pauses and in-between spaces become bearers of the whole characterised by a presence framed by absence.