Gabrielle Goliath is the artist of Konsthall C's solo exhibition This song is for... (2019) Join the artist talk with her on Zoom at 7 PM.

Gabrielle Goliath is a South African multimedia artist based in Johannesburg. In her artistic practice, she addresses unreconciled traumas from colonialism and apartheid, as well as socially rooted structures of patriarchal violence and rape culture that are maintained in the legacy of these events, but which also affect all societies around the world. In her artist talk, Gabrielle will touch on strategies for how art can depict violence without repeating the violence and instead create opportunities for encounters between people. We learn more about this relational starting point that forms the basis of a Gabrielle Goliaths deeply feminist and decolonial art practice. The conversation will focus on the work This song is for ... (2019) which is currently on view at Konsthall C.

Link to the Zoom-talk: