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Hardback, 138 pages
Photography and text: Erik Hagman
In Swedish and English.

For three years, Erik Hagman have visited and photographed places in Stockholm's suburbs. The background is the city's transformation, following a decision that 140,000 new homes will be built between 2010 and 2030.

The pictures in the book show places that will either be built on or are under construction at the time of writing. Some images show environments of the kind that are often called gaps or barriers in the densification debate. Places that, from a cityplanning perspective, are seen as less important and that are considered to be able to get a better use by providing space for housing and services.

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Foreword Niclas Östlind
Editor Lisa Daram Westling, Niclas Östlind
Design LOD / Peter Sellberg
Publisher Bokförlaget Arena