Installation, performance.

Patriarchal structures have a restrictive effect on the movements of the mind and body. To get released from these structures one needs to be both mentally and physically in motion. The constant movement demands a lot of energy, and it may come to an end. What sets the body and mind in motion again?

In the exhibition, Released - Unreleased, reinforcing mesh is placed as in construction of a house foundation. The main function of the reinforcing mesh in house constructions is to be force absorbing and thus minimize crack formation. Therefore, it is an important material for maintaining a specific structure. The design and function are reminiscent of the construction of patriarchal domination in a childhood home.

During the exhibition period a performance will be performed daily. It consists of various movements, which I have been doing for the last ten years. The performance examines the mind and body oscillations between limiting structures and liberation. How can one regain energy when patriarchal structures have set one out of motion?

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Only open during the weekends (Saturday–Sunday at 12–5 PM)