Pries Verhon - AKA Richard Wikström - returns to Centrifug with a combination of text, manipulated images and official documents.

After exhibiting as a Centrifug artist in our large exhibition hall in 2019, Pries Verhon returns with a further development of the concept Forced Futuristic Art. The exhibition is based on what happened in 2019 but looks forward, towards the election year 2022.

“As the election year is coming up and several years have passed, my plan is to request various documents to illuminate and demonstrate how forced futuristic art can work in practice and that through some form of exhibition and analysis. I want to be able to reflect, analyze and work further with the artistic grip and then Konsthall C is an excellent place to develop and grow as an artist in the form I work. There are several forms and concepts that are presented. ”
- Pries Verhon AKA Richard Wikström

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