For everyone who wants an exciting break and a good start to the new year.

The feminist collective Hysterix carries out an artistic intervention at Konsthall C which consists of conversations and shared care practices, where stories and active listening are the main methods of knowledge production. Hysterix was formed in Lima in 2012 by female artists of Peruvian background with the intention of occupying spaces historically denied to women and non-normative bodies through criminalization and gender-based violence. 

After ten years of collective work, the group gathers to create both time and space to materialize and embody the past decade and through their own works explore their common archive. For Hysterix, it is vital to be together in an elusive time in the midst of insecure economies and not least in a neoliberal-colonized patriarchal world.  It is the first time members have the opportunity to spend a month being together to think, reflect and care for each other in the context of a process-based exhibition.


December, 2022

27 dec kl 12 - 22 Opening Centrifug: The individual within the collective/ Cecilia Rejtman

28 dec kl 12 - 17 Amalia Alvarez - Narrative with representativeness. Stories from "orten". Amalia is an anti-racist activist who creates comics. #identity #blatteglam #svenskinvandrare

29 dec kl 12 - 17  Collective intervention mural + curtains 

Januari, 2023
5 januari, kl 12-22 Opening Centrifug: The individual within the collective/ Angélica Chávez Cáceres

7 januari, kl 12-17  Visita guiada y discusión en español // + Collective intervention mural + curtains 

8 januari, kl 12-17  Collective intervention mural + curtains // Revolution/pleasure/action with Sarai Alvarez Riveros

8 januari kl 14:08 Performance by "blondstring" (Gazelle Kianoush, Gulbeden Külbay, Paloma Madrid)

12 januari, kl 12-22 Opening Centrifug: The individual within the collective/ Rossana Mercado-Rojas

14 januari, kl 12-17  Collective intervention mural + curtains 15 januari, kl 12- 22 

15 januari, kl 12-22 Finissage: Collective (including audience) intervention of the sound wall. - Carolina Arktis Nylund and Hysterix present "Afterwork" a diaspodelic performance that examines identity, normality and interracial sex through karaoke. Warm up your voice. Welcome! Fiesta from 18:00.