Students in art, art history, communication and cultural production are welcome to apply for a spring internship at Konsthall C.

Konsthall C is a public work of art; a project of urban renewal; and an art institution situated in Hökarängen in Stockholm. We work for a democratic society based on values of diversity, equality and solidarity both in its organisation and in the content of its programmes. Since we began in 2004 we have consistently produced significant exhibitions and events both locally and internationally. 

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We are now calling for two interns/trainees: one with a focus on curatorship and art production and one with a focus on cultural production (communication, economy and management). You are able to apply for the entire spring (January–May) but with a minimum of 5 weeks. 

"I don't think I've ever been so touched by a piece of art and an exhibition like the one we had during my first time here (This song is for...). I mean emotionally and intellectually through all the conversations and discussions I was fortunate enough to participate in. It gave me new perspectives and probably made me feel more comfortable in the art world." 
- Liv Larsson, 2021 intern

Apply by sending in your CV with a cover letter (1/2–1 A4) on this online form. Please describe the areas you want to work with and what in Konsthall C’s profile that is especially related to your professional development and interest. Each trainee/intern receives a personalized plan that fits the requirements of the individual and the needs of the organization. 

We are currently only accepting applicants that are enrolled in education, a labor market policy, or any special program (Erasmus+ etc). 

"I also like the fact that Konsthall C addresses the Hökarängen neighborhood. A lot of their programs are designed to serve the community, and that's something I really like. We open up, and we always try to open up as much as possible to the people here."
- Chih Tung Lin, 2021 intern 

For more information about the internships, please contact Carla Parro, currently an intern at Konsthall C at