Katarina Marijan is exhibiting in our self-organized gallery Centrifug.

This exhibition is a journey through my inner world, guided by the intrigues of art and its inexhaustible ability to uncover the layers of human emotions and thoughts. My work stems from contemplation on life, faith, love, loss, and the inner conflicts that each of us carries within. Each painting is the result of deep introspection and personal transformation.

As I observe my artistic development, I feel a curiosity that leads me to explore the unconscious, uncover secrets, and merge consciousness with the world around me. Through my works, I aim to capture and express every note of my thoughts, every feeling, and experience that surrounds and defines me. Each painting becomes a part of my personal diary, which opens up and invites viewers to enter my intimate world, connect on a soul level, and journey together through the labyrinth of human emotions and thoughts, to recognize and find themselves in my experience.

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About the author

Katarina Marijan was born in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia. After completing high school at” School for design”, she continued her education at the “Faculty of Fine Arts” in Belgrade. Throughout her schooling, Katarina showed exceptional talent and passion for art.  For the past decade, she has resided and worked in Stockholm.She has exhibited her works in various solo and group exhibitions.Her pieces often explore complex themes of human nature, psychology, and spirituality, through different mediums and techniques.