Opening: February 9 at 18–20

Ljuset (The Light) is this spring's first exhibition at Konsthall C. Here, the Nigerian-American artist Ayodamola Okunseinde meets the Jamaican-Swedish duo Whyte&Zettergren. These two practices explore violent historical and contemporary global conditions. Through interactive technology and ritual performance, Okunseinde and Whyte&Zettergren search above and beyond our world. Together they present a complex web of economic and political connections. Here, art becomes a starting point for change.

Despite the exhibition's title, The Light does not offer any salvation for our time. It is the visitor, encountering the art, who can take the first step towards a solution. We at Konsthall C want to invite you as a visitor to find yourself, among the smoke, salt, sugar and fabric.

You are the Light.

About the artists

Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde (ayo) is a Nigerian-American artist, designer, anthropologist and time-traveler living and working in New York. 

His works range from painting and speculative design to physically interactive works, wearable technology, and explorations of “Reclamation”. He has exhibited and presented at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Tribeca Storyscapes, EYEO Festival, Brooklyn Museum, M.I.T. Beyond the Cradle, and Afrotectopia amongst others. 

He is the co-founder and Director of Iyapo Repository, a resource library that exists in a nondescript future that was founded to collect and preserve artifacts to ensure the history and legacy of people of African descent. 

Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde (ayo). Photo: Roxana Rios

Whyte&Zettergren is an artistic duo comprising Jamaican dancer Olando Whyte and Swedish visual artist Rut Karin Zettergren. The duo’s artistic works constitute an ongoing investigation into the historical memory held by a place, material, and body. Their process visualizes the entanglement between geographically distant locations, objects, cultures, and times. Through their creative processes, they seek potential methods for healing historical trauma and strive to craft rites that envision possible futures.

Whyte&Zettergren is currently working on their space-traveling program along with a video artwork on historical trauma and the collaborative research project Contingency Sample with Bryndís Björnsdóttir that explore extractivism in the era of the new space age.

Their works have previously been performed and presented at various venues, including, and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik (IS).