Sarai Alvarez Riveros in collaboration with Fernanda Melgarejo want to invite you to an open dialogue around different aspects that surround motherhood in the world of art and migration.

This exhibition and performance is a great opportunity to talk and share experiences as artists, mothers and/or migrants; and how they are intertwined. All experiences are welcome.

It is a reflection on how political decisions affect the identity and value of people, women, families, and migrants.

“With the new immigration laws, a significant part of the immigrant population with temporary residence permits have had their applications for permanent residency rejected. As a consequence, many families are being divided and put in antagonistic situations.  From there, the need to reflect arises.”

/ Sarai Alvarez Riveros

About the artists:

Sarai Alvarez Riveros, is a mother of 4 children and in her work she projects her relationship as a single mother, worker and artist and how this forces her to adapt to the demands of society as a migrant woman in the art world.  She is a Chilean workshop educator, multidisciplinary artist, weaver and textile artist.

Fernanda Melgarejo is a Mexican mom of two,  multidisciplinary artist and designer. Her work is normally centered in the body and on social dynamics, but the themes fluctuate from death to collectiveness. She believes that the world can be a better place when applying the creative fields as tools for change towards a more empathetic and inclusive society.

Opening with performance at Centrifug: Saturday 1 June, at 13-17

Photo: Alexander Ensani