Vi arbetar här / We Work Here – an exhibition by the Hökarängen Local Artist´s Network opens Saturday 20 April at Konsthall C with music, speech and performance from 6 pm to midnight.

The exhibition consists of 46 artists’ works. All participating artists either live or are active in the area of Hökarängen. Don’t miss the opportunity to mingle with all these great artists present! 

Opening Night 20/4: 

6:15 PM Opening remarks from Mariam/Konsthall Team 
6:30 PM Memorial remarks by Jaana Salla 
6:45 PM Short introduction by Maryam Fanni on work & research about Hokarangen
7:00 PM Performance by Niklas Argunn 
7:20 PM Performance by Emma Augustsson from "Mirage" 
8:00 PM Food Break ! 
10:30 PM - Midnight DJ set by Jasmin Daryani

Vi arbetar här is dedicated to the late artists of Hökarängen, Pelle Piano and Adrian Tomic, whose iconic photographs and miniatures will be shown at the exhibition.

Entrance, non-alcoholic drinks & snacks for free.  African food by Helena Lufuma available for purchase.


Location: Konsthall C, Cigarrvägen 14-16. Subway: Hökarängen, Stockholm