Date and time: 23 March 15:00  Location: Konsthall C

You are invited to an artist talk and guided tour with Rut Karin Zettergren from the artist duo Whyte&Zettergren, currently in the exhibition Ljuset. Together with curator Ulrika Flink, Zettergren presents the duo's work and the ideas behind the installations that are on display right now at Konsthall C.

Whyte&Zettergren explores historical and future dimensions of space through a fascinating mix of role playing (LARP), video and performance. We will dive into their investigation of Iceland as a training ground for Apollo astronauts, linked to their own space program born out of feminist speculative traditions. Their artistic strategies take us deep into historical layers but at the same time with a gaze that extends far beyond our world. In the exhibition, we also meet the ongoing research project "Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar", which examines Sweden's links to the transatlantic triangular trade and its economic system, as well as how this system still affects today's economic and cultural structures.

The conversation will be held in Swedish.

Come and take part in an exciting art practice that is in constant transformation.