We at Konsthall C take a holiday starting this week.

A big thanks to all the artists, participants, strollers and followers for this spring. After the thoughtful and touching solo exhibition This song is for… by Gabrielle Goliath, we opened All Makt Åt Fantasin - Staden som lekplats, where Mats Eriksson Dunér, Camilla Carlsson and Priscila Fernandes explored play in different ways. In June, we finally got permission to arrange programs, and celebrated together with the curators Carlota Mir and Alba Folgado in their long-awaited project My Friend is Here. See you in August! Then we turn up the volume, and move outside the walls of the art gallery. 

The work team check their e-mail regularly but sporadically. Questions to the info e-mail are usually answered after 1-2 weeks.

Thanks to our contributors: the City of Stockholm, the Arts’ Council, the Stockholm Region and Kulturbryggan. Thanks also to Stockholmshem for collaborating around our spaces and thanks to ABF Stockholm for the collaboration around the program.