John Maclean is exhibiting in our self-organized gallery Centrifug

Join ‘former YouTuber' The Wretched Painter on an early morning trip from Norrtälje to Konsthall C in a bid to secure an exhibition spot at Centrifug gallery.
The work is part of a year long project based at the OPI Lab in Gröndal that aims to experiment ideas of ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ publicness.

About The Wretched Painter

My name is John Maclean and I am a British contemporary artist and writer living in Sweden. In my art practice I often work under the pseudonym of The Wretched Painter (a persona based on the story and working methods of Vincent Van Gogh). In this autofictional guise I tell stories through a combination of plein air painting, creative writing and a unique research led approach to vlogging in an attempt to reflect impinging socio-political realities; actual, possible, fictional or virtual. The work is part of a wide ranging artistic investigation into the socio-political disorientation of the ‘post truth era’ and the accompanying rise of online influencer culture.