Song as ritual to bring us closer to nature, ourselves and each other.


  • December 9th at 1 pm
  • December 17th at 1 pm

Please RSVP via email to due to limited space and for refreshment arrangements.

Join us for an immersive forest experience outdoors, diving deeper into listening and communication with nature and ourselves. Through breathwork, humming, toning, singing, and attentive listening, we'll explore non-verbal, embodied communication. Together, we'll co-create improvised tree-songs as a ritual to deepen our connection with nature and self. Guided by Ida Lod and Kerstin Bragby, this session offers a safe space for profound listening and collaborative singing. Attire: Dress according to winter weather conditions and bring something to sit or lie on to ensure comfort. We'll provide warm tea and snacks.

Tree Songs is part of Konsthall C’s project 'Underneath the Asphalt, Sea,' which advocates rethinking public spaces to create more inclusive cities. How can we reimagine public spaces that reflect diverse experiences and offer a more flexible, inclusive environment for alternative ways of living? How might contemporary art practices contribute to this reimagining, particularly within a community like Hökarängen? This project invites various stakeholders to explore reshaping the use and understanding of public spaces.

We are happy to invite Ida Lod, a versatile artist specializing in singing, music, and holistic voice therapy, who explores interdisciplinary realms, blending song, movement, and environmental interaction. Partnering with Kerstin Bragby, rooted in theatre and culture, they engage in conscious art experiments focusing on identity, culture, and ecology. Kerstin brings extensive experience in education and knowledge-sharing, intertwining performing arts with spiritual practices. Together, they craft hybrid artistic expressions and poetic responses.


Ida Lod is a singer, musician and performance-artist as well as a holistic voice therapist and creative voice coach. She primarily works in interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary settings. Through song, words, violin, movement and various ways of interaction with her surroundings she explores the connection between inner and outer worlds and between the body of the human being and the body of the earth. Ida collaborates on a regular bases with performance-artist and educator Kerstin Bragby. Together they explore different themes through the concepts of Poetic responses and Improvised Poetic Performance. Songs of the In-between is another on going collaboration with musician/composer David Heikkinen where music, performance and community-art are interwoven. Owl Woman, Ofelia Reversed and Dadaistic Diva are examples of her solo- productions where masking and demasking are continuous explorations. As an educator and holistic voice therapist Ida focuses on guiding people to connect with their own creative voice through embodied voice- practices. Ida lives in Stockholm and was educated at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg.

Kerstin Bragby has an ongoing background as a theatre and cultural worker. Thirteen years in the internationally composed theatre group Earth Circus in the 80-to 90s that produced out- and indoor theatre for children, young and grown-ups, on their own stage in Stockholm and on tour in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe. She also produces solo performances through conscious art experiments on themes of women identity, existential questions, culture, ecology. As an educator she is since year 2000 active within as well as beyond the academy, with experience-based learning processes for individual, group and organisation inspired by the repertoire of the ensemble actor and co-creating devised processes in performing arts. In courses like “Creative retreats” and “Living life as an art”, the professional background in performing art, art-based research and education coincide with 20 years of initiated experience and teaching of Native American practices, and 10 years in a tantric tradition, ceremonial, meditative, personal developmental and yogic, know-how. She regularly develops and performs hybrid forms of knowledge, in forms as poetic reports and aesthetic responses solo and in collaboration with Ida Lod.

Part of 'Under Asphalt, the Sea,' a project exploring new approaches to how we create our shared city. With support from the Swedish Arts Council.