Location: Konsthall C
Time: Saturday 13 april, At 13-15
Free of charge, no registration required

Please wear clothes in which you can move/walk, sit, and lie down freely.

This workshop is an invitation for passers-by to share time in allowing themselves to play while  connecting to their primal body. Majula and Khamlane are in the space to support and suggest ways of viewing our “human” selves. Here you might find yourself asking if all of you are  human. We will explore this by moving, watching, drawing and listening. All levels of human movement ability are welcome. We open the space at 13 and close at 15, this is a place in which time is the primal entity; how long does it take for you to untangle yourself from what you think you know?


About the artists

Majula Drammeh (b. 1982) works interdisciplinary in dance and performance. She tends to work with interactive and somatic practices in dance and performance to explore how these can act as a bridge for people to participate and discover themselves in an open, permissive and inclusive way. In the interpersonal. Majula has participated in works at Malmö Konsthall, Accelerator, Bohusläns konstmuseum among others.
She has taught at Stockholm University of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark and often creates workshops with Khamlane Halsackda.
In 2022-2023 her work SKULD was shown at Konsthall C Stockholm in December 2023. Majula is a member of Nya Rörelsen - a collective of five choreographers based in Malmö.

Khamlane Halsackda was born in Vientiane, Laos , and grew up in London, UK . His own dance theater and social comment based performances are focused on creating discussion and debate around identity and what this could mean. He was selected for Dance net Sweden’s co-production 2017, a work called 'Ursäkta oss'. His latest project is ‘Into Flesh’ made in collaboration with Skye Reynolds, and ’Statues or To-Stand’, a durational installation co-directed by  Majula Drammeh. Khamlane’s other performative concepts for galleries include installations ‘Permission to grieve’ and ‘An exercise in learning Swedish’. He is a member of Nya Rörelsen, a collective of QBIPOC choreographers based in Malmö, Sweden.

Majula Drammeh. Photo: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino
Khamlane Halsackda. Photo: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino