We are proud to present WeAreHowWeAre a two-day event at Konsthall C with audio-visual performances and a workshop produced by Fylkingen. Free entrance!

With artists Mona Hedayati, Lerin/Hystad, Julia Adzuki, Jenny Sunesson, Majula Drammeh & Khamlane Halsackda

Curated by Fylkingen production group: Rebecka Holmström and Hiroko Tsuchimoto.

How can we expand the materiality of artistic action? What relationships do we have with the instruments we use? How do we expand the notion of collaboration with nonhuman agents? During 2024, WeAreHowWeAre invites artists to present their research-based practices moving across the art/science divide and carrying out collaborations with nonhuman actors, such as microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals, machines, and artificial intelligence.

This event features two artists who mutate live data and signals from human/nonhuman systems into sonic form. 

Mona Hedayati will present her ongoing research project Curves & Reverbs which is a biofeedback work that operates between body and sound to address affective capacities and imagine unknown emotional spaces. Using biosensors as part of a live workflow, the performance activates the body, software, hardware, bio, and acoustic signals to go beyond the crisis of imagination to speculate other-than-personal lived realities and spaces of existence. 

The artist duo Lerin/Hystad will perform an improvised concert together with plants, sensors, synthesizers, and guitars. They will also show a part of their project Electronic Flora where the duo records electrical data from plants, which, through sonification, is transformed into sound where the plants themselves dictate the tones, melodies, and rhythms in the music. 

The program also addresses our entangled relationships with the more-than-human world.

Julia Adzuki presents her ongoing project Styx Lament which is an embodied exploration of ecological grief in relation to the Styx forest in Lutruwita Tasmania, made in collaboration with Patrick Dallard, Tomas Björkdal, and 14 Tasmanian artists, activists, and academics. On both days of the event, their sculptural sound installation is open to experience for the audience. 

Jenny Sunesson presents the live sound piece Hymn for a Dehydrated Spruce, which is part of a series exploring Western society and its relation to the forest. In this auto-ethnographical work, she examines the larger implications of drought and diminishing water supplies through the peephole of a pine tree standing on the edge of her garden plot in the rural society where she lives. The work with the piece began after the dry summer of 2018.

The second-day program includes a drop-in workshop by Majula Drammeh and Khamlane Halsackda. The workshop invites participants to playfully explore our relation to our primal bodies and our human selves while moving, gazing, drawing, and listening.

Read more about the workshop here

Fylkingen - New Music and Intermedia Art is an artist-run, non-profit association for experimental music and art. The association was founded in 1933 and currently consists of approximately 300 Swedish and international artists who develop and present new work in Fylkingen's new venue located in Bredäng, Sweden. 

WeAreHowWeAre is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Read about the artists at Fylkingen's website



Friday 12 April 

18:30 Doors open 
19:00 Artist talk by Julia Adzuki
20:00 Performance + talk by Lerin/Hystad 

Saturday 13 April 

13:00-15:00 Workshop by Majula Drammeh & Khamlane Halsackda 
18:30 Doors open 
19:00 Performance by Mona Hedayati
20:00 Performance by Jenny Sunesson