Exhibition in Konsthall C's self-organized gallery.

In A bartender walks into a bar Neil Bhat (Baltimore, 1994) explores different ways of addressing imperfect replication. How a stroke of paint creates an echo on the back of a canvas, how a handprint in wet clay is never the same as another, and while a movement can be shallowly replicated it can never be recreated in any meaningful way.

So much of our identity is rooted in what makes us unique, and yet it's often our flaws that set us apart. "You have to be special!" we yell, followed immediately by "you have to be perfect!". Paint like Rembrandt, but be yourself entirely. Be my new partner, but love me like my last love did. Get rich and famous, but it's only worth a damn if you never compromise. 

Try, try, and try again, to eliminate the differences between yours, and those you emulate. But observe the flaws that remain, they have a lot to say about who you are.