What is the best thing about Hökarängen? Hökarängens dag of course!

Every year we celebrate the world's best suburb with music, art, food and activities for the whole family.

This year Hökarängens dag (Hökarängen's Day) takes place on Saturday 25 May from 11 am to 3 pm, and new for this year is that the whole of Hökarängen is joining in to celebrate. We start in the Weekday area, at Tegelscenen, and celebrate all the way to Fagerlidsparken.

Hökarängens dag is a family-friendly event that dates back to the middle of the 20th century. Since last year, Konsthall C is the organization that coordinates the activities, but the day is arranged by a wide range of organizations, companies and committed residents.

Anna Kontopoulou, organizer of Hökarängens day 2023. Photo: Anna Drvnik

Last year was a success! David Helldén's square was filled with popcorn,a painting workshop, a K-pop show and much more. The small businesses that operate along the pedestrian street showed off, and local singer-songwriter club Hökis Visrum arranged a solid concert program in the middle of it all. Over 1,200 people attended the day, which provided a much-needed meeting place in a turbulent time.

If you live or work in Hökarängen, and want to participate as an individual or company, you can register your interest. Follow the link below and register your participation.

Link to registration

More information about Hökarängens day is continuously updated.

Hökarängen's Day is organized by Konsthall C together with Hökarängen's business association, Hökis visrum, Hyresgästföreningen and Hökarängens filosofiska kafé. The event is supported by Matdax, Stockholmshem, Farsta stadselförvaltning, Familjebostäder and Söderledskyrkan.