What is the best thing about Hökarängen? Hökarängens dag, of course!

Every year we celebrate the world's best suburb with music, art, food and activities for the whole family, an annual tradition dating back to the time long before Hökarängen was synonymous with art and coffee beans.

This year Hökarängen's day takes place on Saturday 25 May from 11 am to 3 pm, and new for this year is that the entire Hökarängen is joining in to celebrate. We start in Fagerlidsparken, continue through the center, and celebrate all the way to Kastanjegården. These places have different focuses on activities.

In Fagerlidsparken there are activities for children and families. LHF Vävstolen organizes bouncy castles, cotton candy and popcorn. In the park there is also a leisure library and senior activities with Farsta Stadsdelsförvaltning. In the Laundromat museum, Hökarängen's business association presents a participatory children's performance with Johan Anderblad, known from Bollibompa, for children between 3-8 years old who get to meet fire and police trucks, and in Konsthall C, Hökarängen's artist network has an exhibition and presentation of the network. Hökarängen's artist network consists of artists living and/or working in Hökarängen. At Konsthall C, Ingen Människa Är Illegal also offers a waffle café. We are also inaugurating a painting exhibition in RamSyd's new gallery, on Cigarrvägen opposite Konsthall C.

Johan Anderblad, Photo: Ulrica Zwenger

In the center and on the pedestrian street, the focus is on music and crafts. Höki's showroom presents its program, handicrafts are sold on the craft square and Hökarängen's Antiques and Record Exchange will have a guest DJ. Not forgetting this year's hat parade. A modern classic where anyone who wants to can take a seat with their hat. So start already now to decorate your old cap, so that you can show the whole Hökarängen who is the hatter.

At Kastanjegården, the children's activities return with a show in Tegelscenen's courtyard signed by Micaela Gustafsson. "Blommorna" is a musical performance for children between 1 and 5 years old. “A gardener comes to water his favorite flowers. They are a bit special, because they can sing! Together we sing and make up games about things that might appear in a garden.”

The areas are connected through a city walk with Anneli Forsberg, who tells about the history of Hökarängen from Fagerlidsparken to the center. Later, a city walk for children starts with Samita. which takes you from the center to Kastanjegården.


Saturday 25/5 at 11-15


Leisure library and senior activities with Farsta Stadsdelsförvaltning.

LHF Vävstolen (bus, bouncy castle, popcorn)  in Fagerlidsparken - playground

Art hall C: Exhibition and festivities with Hökarängen's artist network and waffle cafe with Ingen Människa Är Illegal

Exhibition in Ramsyd picture gallery

11:00: The laundry museum: Children's show with Johan Anderblad (presented by the Hökarängen business association)

11:30: City tour with Anneli Forsberg

The pedestrian street and the center

KonstDax: Exhibition of Salad Hilowle

Handverkstorg arranged by LHF Weekday area

Hökarängen's antiquarian: DJ Magnus Granberg and free coffee

Höki's living room: Concert program with William Bülow O-Nils, Caroline Langenheim, Anders Lago, Eva Maria Munck and Per Sörman.

12:30 Hat parade

13:00: City walk with Samita, from the Center to Kastanjegården

15.00 - later: After party at Kollektivet with Keep it Local DJs


Festivities at BAK

14.00: Children's show with Micaela Gustafsson, in Tegelscenen's backyard (presented by LHF Pepparvägen)

Hökarängen's day is organized and supported by Konsthall C together with Höki's visrum, Hökarängen's business association, Hökarängen's philosophical cafe and Tenants' Association. The event is supported by Matdax, Stockholmshem, Familjebostäder, Farsta stadsdelsförvaltning and Söderledskyrkan.

Crafts market, Photo: Anna Drvnik
Micaela Gustafsson.