Researcher Mansi Kashatria returns to Konsthall C to conduct a global study of alternative social-contemporary art practices.

Almost two years after the self-initiated research project Building a Decolonial Process for Konsthall C, Mansi Kashatria returns to Sweden and  Konsthall C with her PhD project titled Study of an alternative social-contemporary art practice which ties the South and the North in a re-imagined version of the global

The study will take place within the IKOS department at Linköping University, and revolves around three institutions: Kochi-Muziris Biennale (Kochi, India), Savvy Contemporary (Berlin, Germany) and Konsthall C (Hökarängen, Sweden). 

- Being back at Konsthall C would mean not just following the ongoing artistic program, but also its relationship with Hökarängen, Sweden and the global. I hope for it to be a collaborative journey where our academic and artistic research/practices can collide and find its way to the society through forms more accessible, relational, and emancipatory.
- Mansi Kashatria

Supervised by Bodil Axelsson and Stefan Jonsson, Mansi will research key concepts such as local cosmopolitanism, decolonial aesthesis and emancipatory artistic practices, in a global comparative study. 

The PhD relates to Konsthall C’s ongoing work to re-imagine its own constitution and identity in the local context. Starting from Mansi’s self-initiated research, the process has involved numerous colleagues and collaborators from all over Europe. This winter the development will expand into the public with a residency program as well as a series of events on exhibition making. Look out for details on our web and social media. 

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