OPENING 13/08/2022. 13:00 - drinks and snacks served.

When lineages suffer trauma and displacement, the knowledge of those who came before us can be fractured. We forget where we came from. We forget that we have a future. Slowly, with enough tenderness, we piece together the whispers, the spaces between breaths and unanswered questions. We find a place for them outside our bodies.

In Some Of Us Aren’t Really From Here, we meet a series of beings portrayed in paintings and they tell us their stories. This work was created through the joy of process, what happens when we breathe and embrace our mistakes as beings making themselves known to us. Taking its cues from Afrofuturism and Black sci-fi, this show asks what happens when we tap into the divinity within us and let it manifest.

Rosel Jackson Stern is an artist, a writer and a birther of worlds. As a mixed-race black nonbinary person, their work traverses stories about what happens when we embrace the most scorned parts of ourselves. “I owe this work to the divinity of Black women and femmes. May we all find peace in this lifetime. This is for us.”

All works are available for purchase.

Instagram: @rosel_x Twitter: @roselxjackson