What is trash, and what is treasure?

Every year Konsthall C and Farsta's municipal preschools jointly invite an artist to work with the five-year-olds in the district, in a project called Konst i Förskolan (Art in Preschool).

This year's edition of Konst i Förskolan focuses on how we view our surroundings, and how people can change their attitude towards what is being thrown away. Troll Hittar Skatter (Trolls find treasures) connects to the preschool's theme "Children's voices in a sustainable Farsta", and aims to introduce the art group MYCKET (Mariana Alves Silva, Katarina Bonnevier and Thérèse Kristiansson) and their artistic research work, where “troll vision” is a  central concept, in a preschool context. MYCKET believes that troll vision is a way of working with sustainability. The group says:

- By fantasizing about things we cannot know, the mystical or mythological, we create relationships with what is around us. We need to imagine a living, prosperous planet where people do not see themselves as rulers but live together with everything else. Otherwise, humanity has little chance of surviving the environmental disaster.

Workshop at Guldgruvan. Photo: Louise Helmfrid
Workshop at Guldgruvan. Photo: Louise Helmfrid

During September and October, preschool teachers and children have been able to participate in workshops led by MYCKET and Konsthall C's pedagogues Malin Dahlberg and Birgitta Adolfsson. The result is shown at Konsthall C in November and December.

It goes without saying that all participating artists should be able to see and show their art. Therefore Konsthall C holds four openings a day during the three-week exhibition period. Over 1,000 children visit the art gallery to see and discuss what they have built together.

On the weekends, starting on the opening day 25/11, there is an opportunity for family, art lovers and other trolls to visit the exhibition. Konsthall C's educators will also be on hand to help anyone who wants to make their own amulet, braid a wizard's tail and dance a wizard's dance. Everyone is welcome, and the workshops are completely free.

Photo: Louise Helmfrid
Photo: Louise Helmfrid


Exhibition: Troll hittar skatter
Opening: 25/11 kl 13.00
Period: 25/11–10/12
Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays at 12–17
Workshops: Every Saturday and Sunday at 13–16

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In collaboration with Farsta local district.