In connection to the exhibition WITH ACHING BACKS AND HEARTS WITH ROOM FOR MORE in the projekt Care and Value, we'll be hosting a number of different events.

Gunilla Lundahl presents the work of Lilian Lindblad Domec

11 August 2022 18:00 at Konsthall C

Event is in Swedish.

Join us to hear Gunilla Lundahl discuss the work of Lilian Lindblad Domec and how her practice entwined with questions of care and the conditions of care work. The presentation will reference Gunilla Lundahl’s recent publication about the Lilian Lindblad Domec: Skrattet och skärpan (2021).

Writing from the workplace!

14 August 2022 16:00 at Konsthall C

Open mic performance of texts and writing from care work in collaboration with Arbetarskrivare

We welcome you to take the microphone and share your poems, writing, and reflections on care work experience. The event will be an informal presentation to give space to the many voices and stories from care work. We will begin with readings from the newspaper Vård och Värde. There will be fika and refreshments.

Vård och Värde: A discussion on how we can change care and its conditions!

18 August 2022 15:00 at Konsthall C

The event will be in Swedish. Join us for a collective conversation demanding change in the conditions of care work in Sweden. The discussion will take the starting point in the stories and interviews within the three Vård och Värde newspapers and invite decision makers and politicians to respond to how these concerns will be taken forward in the political arena.

Bridge Radio presentation and party!

20 August 2022 17:00 at Konsthall C

The event will be in English. 

On the final weekend of the exhibition, we will be joined by members of the collective - Bridge Radio, who will discuss the new radio piece they made as part of Vård och Värde and their wider work. The presentation will be followed by food and refreshments after which Bridge Radio will host a closing party!