Welcome to a celebration of Hökarängen's local artists!

Vi arbetar här – en utställning med Hökarängens konstnärsnätverk is starting with avernissage on april 20th 2024. The exhibition consists of artworks by 44 different artists. Among these artworks there are illustrations, drawings, paintings, book production, animation to sculpture, photography, music, performance, poetry and socially engaged practices. 

The artworks talk about anything from the passion and joy that is found in artistic creation to mental illness, grief, anxiety and desperation in light of global disasters. 

Hökarängen is the common denominator for the exhibition. All attending artists are based in the area. Konsthall C wants to strengthen local artistries and act like a united venue with this exhibition, along with inviting a wider public to explore – and to be fascinated by – the richness of Hökarängens konstnärsnätverk.

We also want to honor the late, local artists Pelle Piano and Adrian Tomic with Vi arbetar här, whose iconic photographies and miniatures will be shown at the exhibition. 

This exhibition opens with performances and activations from the network. The party starts at 18:00 and continues until Midnight!

Participating artists